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The SLX Group are proud stockists and distributors for Delta-Xero’s nanofiltration technology - significantly increasing cleanliness and the life of the fluid and oil itself. The superior cleanliness results in a considerable reduction in machinery/system component wear, and reduction in plant maintenance and downtime.

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Reduced Operating Costs - Reduce Environmental Impact

Membrane Colorimetry Patch (MPC) tests have proven that Delta-Xero’s patented, nanofiltration technology removes the following contaminations in fuel, lubrication and hydraulic oils down to particle size of 0.1 Micron (well below ISO 4406 (ASTMD975) limits):






Filter Cartridges

Delta-Xero’s filter cartridges are manufactured from recycled material and is recyclable. The filtration media is recycled and once used the media can be disposed of in waste to energy systems. The cartridges are very easy and quick to change. Systems can be fitted with remote fluid condition monitoring to ensure optimum fluid and filter replacement cycles.

The cartridges can be fitted as single units or in multi-cartridge systems for a wide range of flow rates. These can be from < 1 to 20L per minute depending on the application with capacities of 100 to 120,000 Litres.

Used for lubricating oil applications, as well as hydraulic systems, and with diesel and gas engine fuel and lubrication, laboratory Membrane Colorimetry Patch (MPC) tests have proven that the Delta-Xero nano-filtration technology benefits our customers. Within a couple of weeks of installation, analysed oil shows MPC values of < 1 and ISO 4406 values not previously seen, in single digits.

The elimination of very small (submicron) particles means that oxygen does not become attached to them and oxidisation is prevented. In addition, if left unchecked, small particles will agglomerate to become larger particles, thus causing wear damage and varnish starts to propagate at 0.4 microns.

Whilst all the DXO cartridges are designed to remove solid contamination as well as water contamination, they also are able to remove bacterial growth. The DXPT Powertrain cartridge is designed for filtering distillate fuel and MGO, such that the engine combusts more cleanly, reducing pollution and prolonging the life of the fuel injections components.

Filter Cartridges

Delta Xero Filtration Units

The DX1525 filtration unit has been designed to be our most compact and cost-effective fluid conditioning unit on offer. Engineered to fill a gap in our product offerings for smaller volume systems the DX1525 is ideal for keeping fluid in reservoirs below 1000 litres in optimum health, The DX1525 can also be supplied with a number of options to provide an effective fluid conditioning and monitoring package to suit the majority of systems. Of great use to many of our customers, the DX15/25 cartridge can be used directly in the CJC (CC Jensen) HDU15/25 system converting the CJC unit into a super performing nano-filtration system.

The larger DX1000 family can accommodate a much larger range of applications and capacities.

Filter Cartridges

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