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LED Lights

DuraBrite deliver the best-in-class lighting techonology for all kinds of professional needs.

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DuraBrite create industrial lighting solutions that excel across extreme weather applications and operational environments. These rugged LED lights were made famous following their adoption by the fishermen featured on Wicked Tuna on The Discovery Channel.

Years of dedicated research and a fierce commitment to focus on details are at the base of DuraBrite lights design. The result is an optical output with minimal shadows, where the bulbs work in unison to create one exceptional uniform light beam, providing the highest light intensity output with the lowest current draw on the market.

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The best overall illumination possible

Combining military-grade materials and highly-engineered packaging techniques, DuraBrite products balance brightness, colour rendition accuracy, beam uniformity, beam spread angle, temperature control, and the weight and feel of each luminaire to help you do your job safely with the best overall illumination possible.

  • Patented optical circuit
  • Light-shaping technology
  • Venting system
  • High-performance materials
  • Weather-resistant coating

Available in white and amber light beam but with custom colours possible e.g. UV or IR, and including a variety of functions from SOS to strobe, these lights can also be stacked to create powerful, versatile and customisable solutions.

The different lighting functions and wide range of sizes and specs available make DuraBrite lights the ideal solution for a variety of applications even in extremely harsh conditions, from fishing in the icy waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea to military and naval applications to hazardous construction and demolition environments.

Simplex Turbulo is the authorised European stockist and distributor for DuraBrite Lights Inc. across the whole range of products.

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