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Guillotines, sheeters and slitters

Guillotines, sheeters, slitters, pouch dispensers by AZCO Corp.

The American-based AZCO Corp is a manufacturer of easy to use and reliable modules for feeding, cutting, inserting and dispensing. Seamlessly integrating their units into an existing converting or packaging line can increase production speed and reduce downtime, which ultimately saves time and money.

Their feeding and cutting units for flexible material include cut-to-length knife assemblies, guillotine knife assemblies, punches, rotary cutters, sheeters, slitters, and unwinds.

Guillotines, sheeters, slitters, pouch dispensers by AZCO Corp.
Guillotines, sheeters, slitters, pouch dispensers by AZCO Corp.


The modular guillotine knife assembly is ready to install as stand-alone or in-line units. The units can be mounted in any position for convenient operation. They cut a wide variety of flexible materials such as film, foam rubber, foil, hook and loop, light gauge metals (.25mm/01 in.), non-wovens, paper, ribbon cables, and many others.

The small SUR-CUT knife assemblies are widely used for cutting various strips of flexible materials. The open frame design gives easy access to the material and mounting holes allow for quick installation.

Guillotines options

  • Blade position sensors
  • Larger/custom units to 1600mm/66 wide
  • Steeper blade angle for special needs
  • Titanium nitride coated blade
  • D2 tool steel blades, stainless steel and carbide
  • Units designed to fit your requirements
  • Pneumatic hold-down clamp

Guillotines benefits

  • Proven, off-the-shelf design
  • Simple installation and hook-up
  • Long blade life (hardened 0-1 tool steel)
  • Clean cutting
  • Low maintenance

Cutting Systems

The cutting system equipment covers the full range, from simple edge trim systems, to fully automated slitters. The equipment can be installed either on new or existing slitter rewinders with various time setting options. These cutting systems reduce downtime during size changes, improve the quality of the cut and reduces dust to a minimum.

Cutting Systems

Guillotine Knife Assembly GO Series

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