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SKF Marine’s expertise is built on the development, design, and manufacture of critical systems. Our marine solutions are designed to provide, reliable, intelligent, clean products and services to keep vessel operations running smoothly with a full portfolio of solutions, including amongst others, stabilizers, shaft components (Simplex), and oil treatment systems (Turbulo, RecondOil).

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Founded by Willi Becker in 1946, Becker Marine Systems has developed into the market leader for Manoeuvring Systems and Energy-Saving Devices for any type of ship. Becker’s products are well-established on the world market and represent the top choice for both super tankers as well as container ships, passenger ferries, large cruise ships and luxury yachts.

With the invention of the Becker Flap Rudder, market leadership for high performance rudders was already attained in the 1960s. As the technology leader, Becker is the standard for manoeuvring solutions.

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Parker Condition Monitoring specializes in providing online and on-site solutions for monitoring critical plant and industry machinery. Our sensors and equipment pieces facilitate rapid and informed decision-making which helps to keep your machinery running efficiently for longer.

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GALI is a family-owned company founded in 1951 by Salvador Gali. Based in Barcelona, it also has two production centers in France and Germany. The company operates offices in Italy, China, Japan, and Singapore, and has a network of over 20 partners for after-sales service.

GALI design and manufactures air and hydraulic starters for diesel engines. Also develops, manufactures and offers explosion protection solutions for the intralogistics, material handling, transportation, oil and gas, mining applications and other industries operating in hazardous locations.

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Delta-Xero manufactures offline fluid conditioning systems for hydraulic, lubrication, fuel and other operating fluids used in energy, construction, marine, waste management and manufacturing.

Our patented nano filtration technology removes water, siloxane, varnish, particulates and salts from hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and fuel oil down to 0.1 Micron particle size, well below ISO 4406 (ASTMD975) limits.

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DuraBrite began with a vision to solve the toughest lighting problems in the market by coming up with unique and original engineered solutions.  Our seasoned technical experts spent decades designing mission critical power electronics for fighter jets, submarines, commercial airliners, and even satellites.

We specialize in thermal engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, materials science and mechanical engineering, so we have no design boundaries. We design and manufacture products with a supreme balance of brightness, colour rendition accuracy, beam uniformity, spread angle, temperature control, weight, and feel. Each luminaire is designed to give you maximum safety, visibility, reliability, confidence, and ROI for a long term enjoyable ownership.

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Centrifuges from MANN+HUMMEL reliably separate soot particles from the engine oil and thus reduce engine wear. Thanks to numerous integrated functions, such as a pressure control valve or oil reservoir, MANN+HUMMEL centrifuges offer further advantages. As a result, not only the oil quality is improved, but the service interval is also significantly extended. In addition to market products, MANN+HUMMEL also offers centrifuges individually tailored to customer requirements.

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