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Established in 1935, the SLX Group has a long history, and strong ambitions for a long and thriving future. We are profit making, but not profit driven. We want the business to have a deeper purpose above profit, a legacy that incorporates our guiding three words: Responsiveness, Honesty and Respect.

Ownership and Directors

The whole is greater than the constituent parts! An interesting blend of fluffy bunny and forensic accountancy, we are a strong unit with different skill sets and characters. We live the three company words: Responsiveness, Honesty and Respect. We lead from the front and demand the highest standards from ourselves and each other. We take the responsibility of leadership very seriously, for our colleagues, for our customers, for our suppliers, for our local communities and for the countries we work in.

We trust one another implicitly and trust is a very powerful force in business, perhaps THE most powerful force.

We feel honoured to be in charge of this lovely business and our lovely colleagues.

SLX Group directors
Justin joined Simplex Turbulo Company as Finance Manager in 2010. In 2013 he was appointed Finance Director of Simplex Turbulo Group Ltd, and all the subsidiaries, Simplex Turbulo Co Ltd, Lincoln Diesels Ltd, and Temple Oil Seals Service Ltd. In 2015 he was also appointed Managing Director of Simplex Turbulo Company, while continuing as Finance Director for the whole group. His excellent business capabilities and personable character helped him to develop the business internationally and to improve the efficiency of our operations.

A qualified accountant with considerable experience in management, leadership, and board positions, he has an acute insight into business culture and strategy. Combined with a degree in Engineering, he finds beauty in technology and machines. After taking a brief hiatus from Simplex shortly after the pandemic, Justin rejoined his old colleagues with the MBO to return at the helm of the group.

He lives in Winchester with his wife Yvonne, plus a number of wiry-haired sausage dogs of which he declares he’s lost count. Their three daughters are at various universities, so have not flown the nest, and are never independent enough, according to their strict father, particularly financially!

Justin’s healthy eating habits may often seem in contrast with his peculiar taste in ice cream and over-buttered scones. He’s still a keen hockey player and snowy-mountain walker, but he doesn’t mind a yoga retreat away from rain and cold.
Marcus joined Simplex Turbulo Group in 2019 as Finance Controller and shortly after he took on the role of Finance Director. His firm advice and gentle steering gained him the trust and admiration of fellow Directors, thus becoming a key figure in driving the MBO to success.

His no-nonsense attitude, strong commercial acumen and numerical skills are driving post MBO growth for the whole group. Belying his youth, his astute and professional dealing with stakeholder financial directors and departments allows intelligent credit decisions and hence business growth. He would not be termed the typical dry accountant!

Marcus brings in balance and energy in the right measure at the right time. How he does it is a secret he won’t share.

Marcus lives in Andover with his wife Letty and their two primary-school-age boys. He loves taking his family away on camping holidays around the UK, the unpredictable weather doesn’t deter their enthusiasm or enjoyment for exploring the great British landscape.

He is a horse racing enthusiast, keen footballer and adequate golfer, but his best comes out during social occasions. It is a shame his eye ball skills do not transfer to the pool table!
Adrian joined Simplex Turbulo Company in 2013 as Business Development Manager and was quickly promoted to a board Director. While managing the team of business development managers and business representatives abroad he developed a close-knit unit where personal relations are at the basis of great teamwork. He is a trade fair enthusiast and encourages his team to plan face to face customer visits and attend exhibitions, so marketing is a natural extension of his role.

With a degree in Engineering with Business Management and a passion for engines and electrics, Adrian is the go-to colleague for any technical engineering advice or customer technical discussions. His quick understanding of the engineering situation and possible solutions is an invaluable resource. He is also the company’s DIY guru with no project too big to tackle. His direct yet calm and diplomatic way of advising colleagues that they may be mistaken makes it easy for them to concur.

He lives in the beautiful New Forest National Park with his wife Kathryn and their black flat-coat retriever. Their three children are at various stages with #1 married and flown the nest, #2 working locally and still living at home, and #3 at university and returning whenever she wishes. There’s always room for them all when they want to come home.

Adrian loves travelling to exotic places but doesn’t disdain home-time. When he’s not DIYing, in his spare time he’s often found having a forest walk, or a barbecue or pizza party with friends and family.

The long and winding road that leads to…
SLX Group


Simplex Rudder and Turbulo Auxiliaries Limited was first established in the United Kingdom as a company selling marine components manufactured by leading Hamburg-based shipyard Deutsche Werft (later Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft or HDW). The first sale was for the rudder of MV Castle Combe in 1936. The component was so well balanced that the vessel required no power steering.


The company was reactivated after being mothballed in the late 1930s due to the political situation during the war. At this same time the Simplex Sterntube Seal was brought to the market.


The company name was changed to Simplex Turbulo Marine Co. Limited as trading flourished in the marine industry.


The UK agency of the German company was purchased by The Hon. James Hogg and his Greek brother-from-another-mother Michael Matantos, who were already cooperating in the shipping industry. At the same time the Hogg family acquired another UK branch of HDW carrying out ship repair services. HDW remained as minority shareholder and passed the shares to Blohm+Voss in a later merger.


The trading company name was changed to Simplex Turbulo Company Limited, and the service company became Simplex Turbulo Services Limited. Despite becoming a family-run business, James’s vision, knowledge and connections in the industry were key to the exponential growth and international success of the company.


After extensive effort in convincing some key manufacturers, the company began trading engine spares with an initial focus on cylinder head equipment, valves and bearings. Soon a full engine development program was implemented alongside the ever-reliable supply of marine components.


The business expanded with the acquisition of Lincoln Diesels, an historic engine spares stockist and supplier mainly for land-based installations with decades of experience in British engines.


Acquisition of Temple Oil Seals Services Limited and its team of engineers specialised in sterntube seal replacement and maintenance.


Acquisition of Dorman Diesels brand, including all stock, proprietary rights and design authority. This acquisition via Lincoln Diesels Ltd meant the business became the Dorman OE. Dorman Diesels is an engine manufacturer since the early 1900s whose durable and reliable engines are still widely maintained across the world.


The shape of the group of companies changed with the double renaming of Simplex Turbulo Group Limited (STG, from Simplex Turbulo Company) and Simplex Turbulo Company Limited (STC, from Simplex Turbulo Services) along with the formation of a Board of Directors within each company, including Lincoln Diesels.

The holding company started marketing as Diesel and Marine Group. An increased attendance of foreign expos and the intensive development of maintenance packages helped to drive the fast expansion of sales worldwide.


Swedish industrial manufacturing giant SKF bought Blohm+Voss Industries thus becoming minority shareholder of Simplex Turbulo Group Limited.

The Group expanded into Europe with the incorporation of STW-Engineering GmbH, a new business originating from the vision of five young German entrepreneurs with a solid engineering background. This entity was based in Hamburg, Germany.


Temple Propulsion Services Limited was revived to reflect the wider range of services offered by our team of engineers, which include rudders, thrusters and bilgewater separators.


Simplex Turbulo Company opened a branch office and warehouse in Singapore, managed by a local business representative, in order to assist the Far East markets.


A complete rebranding took place to create Simplex Engineering Group from Simplex Turbulo Group. All the logos of the holding company and its subsidiary trading companies were redesigned towards a uniform look across the group, which at the time comprised Simplex Turbulo Co, Lincoln Diesels, STW Engineering and Dorman Diesels.


Simplex Engineering Group underwent a Management Buy Out, whereby five Directors became 100% owners of the holding company and all its subsidiaries. The holding company was renamed SLX Group Ltd.


The group underwent a restructuring to account for differences in business requirements and target markets. Lincoln Diesels was separated from the Group but went on trading under the same ownership.


Steadily driving the business forward are the three Directors and 100% owners of the group, Justin Brooking, Adrian Patterson and Marcus Poole, read their bios above.

The current configuration of the group includes Simplex Turbulo Co and STW Engineering GmbH as the main trading companies operating the British and German warehouse hubs, with engine and marine spares as the principal product lines offered together with filtration, condition-based maintenance and safety equipment. Simplex Turbulo still proudly offers marine engineers for servicing propulsion systems and sterntube seals.

Under fast development is SLX Logistics, which offers storage of goods, pick-pack-and-despatch services, and export admin support from our safe and capacious warehouses.

Representing a new direction of travel is SLX Renewables.

Lincoln Diesels has been sold to an MBO team and becomes an independent company under the new ownership.

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