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Goodbye, P&H charges!


Goodbye, P&H charges!

Standardised packaging, no handling charges, and streamlined orders for happier staff and customers.

Mindful of the constant cry to “be more Amazonian!” from our CEO, we are pleased to announce the cessation of packing and handling charges for orders of all products within our engine spare parts programme at Simplex Turbulo and STW Engineering. 

This change took place on 1st October to coincide with our financial year and has already raised positive feedback from customers. The charges are always an unknown quantity at the point which a purchase order is placed, leaving clients uncertain as to the final cost of their order. Furthermore, calculating the appropriate charge for each individual delivery is time-consuming for our order fulfilment team, who would much rather get on to help the next customer.

It goes without saying that this cost is not going to affect our prices and instead we are absorbing the cost entirely. The benefit that streamlining this process brings to the overall order progression and the sense of fulfilment that more challenging and meaningful operations provoke in our staff are unquantifiable and invaluable to the business.

As a further commitment to streamline our operations, we have reduced the number of packing options by standardising our boxes and pallets. It took some robust but good-natured negotiation with our warehouse managers, but the positive impact of this decision is already tangible. This results in improved pricing from our packaging suppliers via economies of scale and faster selection of package sizes for our orders. 

We strive to reduce our environmental impact and we are aware that the downside of a limited range of packing boxes means that occasionally we use larger boxes than an order strictly requires. However, having long eliminated the need for harmful polystyrene pellets and foam in our packaging, we mainly use paper and cardboard as wrapping and cushioning material. Furthermore, we re-use incoming packaging wherever possible and recycle other incoming material to make our own, as well as having definitively switched to paper-based recyclable packing tape.

Even though time saved and supplier-cost reduction may not come out as cost-neutral across our group, the potential for generated goodwill among our customers and our staff’s happiness are paramount to us.

Contact us if you would like to know more details about this (+44 1264 860 186 or spares@simplexturbulo.com).


Dorota Wiśniewska
Sales & Service Representative

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