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Happy 10th Expo with our backlit frames!


Happy 10th Expo with our backlit frames!

As we put the finishing touches to our stand (A39) at NAVALIA, in Vigo, here's a little story about our exhibition setup and why we are still really pleased with it.

About two years ago we decided to start being more active with our attendance of trade fairs as an exhibitor. To do this in a sustainable and cost-efficient way we wanted to move away from single-use graphics that get used once and disposed of immediately. After extensive research, we found the best solution for our needs from CLIP UK: a set of aluminium frames equipped with LED lights that provide backlighting to branded printed fabrics. The result is eye-catching and delivers our message consistently.

The frames come as an assembly that is quick to build, looks neat and modern, all the while being stable and solid and not needing any external support. There is no need for any specialist tools, with just the aid of a stepladder (or an extremely tall colleague) the whole stand can be put together in 3-5 hours. With sturdy boxes provided that perfectly fit each component of the frames, we can carry our whole stand anywhere we are prepared to drive to. These days we use one of the group's Ford Rangers and a compact trailer on tow, but we have been able to fit the stand in just the pick up for our trip to Vigo.

Over the past year, we have expanded the wall frames to cover a 9m wall with nine sections, one of which can hold a tv screen if we want to display product images and videos. Three counters, also with backlit graphics, double as storage and display unit. From exhibits and giveaways to drinks and snacks, the counters offer us full flexibility to cater for the "style" of exhibition we are attending, from the most relaxed one to the most technical and formal one. We even machined one counter top to create a permanent display for the floodlights we promote in order to do live demos. 

Since its first deployment at IMPA London in December 2022, this stand has been to shipping, fishing and workboats expos. With the occasional change or addition to the set of graphics, we have collected a selection of interchangeable panels that suit the audience at each different exhibition, giving us full flexibility on the message we want to convey and the products we can offer on each occasion.

Our team members have become very skilled at building the frames and finally appreciate the value in putting all the equipment back in their place when packing up, making it much easier to prepare for the next show. Looking forward to many more uses of this brilliant kit!

Hard at work!

Hard at work!

Nearly there!

Nearly there!


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